Will be a Backpacker ??????

backpackerBackpacker is a term that has historically been used to indicate a form of cheap, traveling national / international independent. Conditions such as independent travel and / or budget travel is often used interchangeably with the backpacker. The factors that traditionally differentiate Backpacker of forms other tourism but are not limited to the following: the use of public transport as a means of travel, preference inn to a traditional hotel, long vacation trips versus conventional, use a backpack, an interest in meeting local, and also viewed scenery / travel.

Definition of backpacker has evolved as travelers from different cultures and regions participate and will continue to grow, preventing standard definition. Recent research has found that, “… Backpackers is a heterogeneous group of diversity grounds and the meanings attached to their travel experiences. … They also displayed a common commitment to a non-institutional forms of travel, which is the center of their self-identification as Backpackers . “Backpacker as a lifestyle and as a business has grown considerably in (the era of the 2000s) as usual from low cost airlines, hotels or budget accommodation in many parts of the world, and digital communication and resources to plan, implement, and continued long-term backpacking trip easier than ever before.

Although there is no definitive answer as to the exact origin Backpacker, its roots can be traced, at least in part, to the Hippie path 1960, and 70 followed sections of the old Silk Road. In fact, a couple of backpackers today seek to recreate the trip, though in a more comfortable, while capitalizing on the current popularity of the green movement. Look deep into history, Giovanni Francesco Gemelli Careri has been cited by some as one of the world’s first Backpackers.

While traveling along the old Hippie Trail has been given complicated since the early 80s due to unrest in Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran that continues today, backpacking has expanded to most parts of the world. In recent years, the increase in the budget and low cost airlines have contributed to this expansion. At this time, the new “hippie trail” is being formed against Northern Africa in places such as Morocco and Tunisia, and other objectives are achieved by low-cost.