10 Tips For Traveling Photo

travel-photography-tips-compositionTraveling close to photograph activities, either landscape photos, portraits, photo essay, until selfies. Many people bring a camera to the tourist attractions, ranging from a simple camera such as camera phones up to a DSLR camera complete with a variety of equipment.

Besides determined by the quality of the tools used, the images are also influenced by the ability of people using these tools. Users still camera phones also can produce images that are interesting to enjoy. Try the following 10 tips to produce image that are interesting to enjoy:
1. Take a picture with a unique viewpoint
If we used to take pictures of us standing or sitting position, try to lower or higher. Meman
g will be more difficult to do, but the results will look different and more interesting to enjoy.
2. Note the photo Composition
There are some unwritten rules about the placement of objects in a picture frame. There are rules that lay thrids Rule of objects in an image in a third frame. There are also rules the Golden Ratio are placing objects on comparison of 1.6 in the frame. There is also a deliberate putting objects in a photo in the middle frame. There is nothing wrong and nothing is true, everything stays we can enjoy with each other’s way.
3. Simplify objects in your photos
Try simplifying the object that you catch, because something simple can carry a strong message to the audience of the photo.
4. Enter the natural frame in the photo
Besides aiming to isolate the unwanted object in the photo, the framing of a photograph is also intended to give the impression of space in the photo. The frame can be achieved by a variety of forms, such as windows, branches, foliage, gate, and the like.
5. Use the object as a scale
With the comparison of one object to another will facilitate the delivery of the message to the audience of the dimensions and size of your photo.
6. Do not forget to take a photo when the golden hour
Mornings and afternoons are when the sun is on the horizon, so it will produce a warm color and light shows and more dimensions of a subject as it gets light from the side. So when morning and evening, come out to take pictures while menikmat fresh air.
7. Try techniques panorama
Not all cameras are equipped with a wide-angle lens, so we will often encounter hassles when shooting with wide. Use the panorama technique, either through the available modes on the camera, or by taking pictures of each other one by one air-overlay then reduced into a single image with Lightroom or Photoshop.
8. Align horizon line with help of grid
A straight line will make your photos look more presentable, especially if the photo was taken in coastal areas that have a horizon.
9. Do not take pictures of a million people
Try to look at the photographs that often appears in a location, it aims to avoid you take a photo almost the same as other people’s photos. Such as the photo background of Mount Bromo Pananjakan or other photos that we often see. A photo will look more attractive because, unlike other photo.
10. Bring your best camera
The best camera is not an expensive camera, but it is a camera you normally wear. All the features and capabilities of the camera you have mastered, even if it’s just a camera phone. However the “results” of a picture can indeed be determined by the ability of a device, but the “feel” of a picture can only be determined by the tool holder. Let’s start making images that have a “taste”.

Will be a Backpacker ??????

backpackerBackpacker is a term that has historically been used to indicate a form of cheap, traveling national / international independent. Conditions such as independent travel and / or budget travel is often used interchangeably with the backpacker. The factors that traditionally differentiate Backpacker of forms other tourism but are not limited to the following: the use of public transport as a means of travel, preference inn to a traditional hotel, long vacation trips versus conventional, use a backpack, an interest in meeting local, and also viewed scenery / travel.

Definition of backpacker has evolved as travelers from different cultures and regions participate and will continue to grow, preventing standard definition. Recent research has found that, “… Backpackers is a heterogeneous group of diversity grounds and the meanings attached to their travel experiences. … They also displayed a common commitment to a non-institutional forms of travel, which is the center of their self-identification as Backpackers . “Backpacker as a lifestyle and as a business has grown considerably in (the era of the 2000s) as usual from low cost airlines, hotels or budget accommodation in many parts of the world, and digital communication and resources to plan, implement, and continued long-term backpacking trip easier than ever before.

Although there is no definitive answer as to the exact origin Backpacker, its roots can be traced, at least in part, to the Hippie path 1960, and 70 followed sections of the old Silk Road. In fact, a couple of backpackers today seek to recreate the trip, though in a more comfortable, while capitalizing on the current popularity of the green movement. Look deep into history, Giovanni Francesco Gemelli Careri has been cited by some as one of the world’s first Backpackers.

While traveling along the old Hippie Trail has been given complicated since the early 80s due to unrest in Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran that continues today, backpacking has expanded to most parts of the world. In recent years, the increase in the budget and low cost airlines have contributed to this expansion. At this time, the new “hippie trail” is being formed against Northern Africa in places such as Morocco and Tunisia, and other objectives are achieved by low-cost.

7 Tips for Your Lazy Packing

l_8011407b6611ad90e0d062f844e15e54               You have to set off at dawn with the morning flight? Or you often have trouble clothes will not fit in a suitcase, confused should carry shoes or bags in which to lazy to organize all the stuff you want to take it can fit into a suitcase. Quiet, Bobobobo have collected 7 tips and tricks most practical packing which is already used by ‘experts packing’.

1. Remove all the clothes you want to take
Remove all the clothes you want to take it to a vacation spot. No need to figure out how long the day you are going on vacation, remove only as many clothes that you plan to take it, then divide between superiors, subordinates, dress, swimsuit, and so forth.

2. Sort by day
Of all the clothes you have these separate, sort by the number of vacation days and the kind of activity. For example, when you arrived there on a Friday, you will wear clothes which and in the evening you will have dinner at a fancy place wearing what. Then separate the two types of garments for Friday and so on in accordance with the schedule and the duration of your holiday. If you are on vacation for a long time, more than two weeks, consider also to bring clothes that you can wear again so no need to bring lots of clothes. Once selected, return the clothes that you will not take a vacation to the closet.

3. Determine accessories
Now it’s time to choose accessories to go with the clothes that you choose, including shoes, handbags, belts, jewelry, hats, and other accessories. This step will avoid you to carry accessories (especially bags and shoes) that are not required.

4. Separate toiletries and cosmetics
Make sure all equipment bath, body care and cosmetics are stored in bags or small bags special waterproof so that if spilled, your clothes will not become a victim. If you set out to use the best, do not forget to save the toiletries that are larger than 100 ml in check-in luggage. Planning on traveling to Europe? Prepare ziplock bag because many airports in Europe requires all liquids and creams inserted into the bag.

5. Fold or roll?
These are two different tricks in the world that is often debated packing. Which is actually better? The answer is both. T-shirt, casual dress, and clothing with materials that do not crease should be tightly rolled up to save space. As for shirts, formal dresses, and clothes are easy crumpled as usual should be folded and placed at the top of the pile. Pua so the clothes are heavy and thick, like jeans, jacket or sweater that you can even overlay a pedestal just as other clothes in the suitcase.

6. Position determining achievement

Do not just roll up, folding or overlaying it. Position placement clothes in the suitcase was fairly important. At the bottom of the suitcase, just above the wheel, we recommend that you store objects and clothes are most severe. Then place the objects lighter on it. This is to avoid heavy garments and choke other clothing and make it so tangled. Adjust the position of the goods so that when the suitcase in a standing position, the objects are at the very bottom is the most heavy and lightweight clothes are on top.

7. Take advantage of the empty space
Find empty space in the suitcase, for example, on the sidelines of a pile of clothes to slip the belt even slippers. If you carry a spare bag in the suitcase, put your panties into it. Socks? Tucked into boots that you save a suitcase (or it could also be a pouch to store accessories).